Safest Careers with the most job security Now

The people who work in these positions could be the best to weather any economic downturn that might be expected to hit us.

Stable jobs in the uncertainty of times

The past year has been an up and down year for American workers as millions have filed for unemployment, at the very least temporarily, and others have their hours reduced. Although the hospitality and tourism industries have been particularly severely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, there is good news in other sectors like health care and information technology.

Many of the best-paying jobs today can be found in the two fields. Healthcare is always in high demand and is particularly important when there is an epidemic. In the meantime, many tech professionals were able to move their work from their workplace at home to their office.

According to the U.S. News Best Jobs rankings and our research, We believe the following jobs are among the best-performing career paths this year.

Physician Assistant

Median Salary: $112,260Education Required: Master’s degree

Before the coronavirus outbreak was declared a public health emergency, many nation regions were experiencing an acute shortage of medical professionals. California is one of them. Will be facing an acute shortage of 4,100 health professionals in 2030, according to an annual report released by the California Future Health Workforce Commission. Physician assistants with advanced education but no medical degree are among the specialists required to fill the gaps in healthcare in the absence of doctors. It’s not just a steady job – it’s also the most lucrative job available in the nation as per The U.S. News Best Jobs for 2021 ranking.

Software Developer

Median Salary: $107,510

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

According to the Best Jobs rankings, software developers have excellent employment opportunities, and this is the best technology-related job in the United States. The pandemic did little to hinder the work of software developers, considering that software developers don’t need to be at a desk to develop and test their programs. In addition, they could be even more in need as companies move to the cloud and firms adapt their services to meet the demands of the growing remote workforce.

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Nurse Practitioner

Median Salary: $109,820

Education Required: Master’s degree

Nurse practitioners also have a health-related job, which is highly sought-after. Before the COVID-19 epidemic, nurse practitioners across twenty-two states and those in the District of Columbia were authorized to provide direct, independent treatment to patients. Since the outbreak, states like New York and New Jersey have also boosted the capacity of nurse practitioners to offer frontline healthcare, which is likely to open up new employment opportunities for these professionals.


Median Salary: $206,500

Education Required: Professional degree

The U.S. is expected to be short of nearly 139,000 doctors by 2033, according to a report for 2020 by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The figure includes primary care doctors and specialists. Although becoming a doctor requires a large amount of money in medical and college school and medical school, it will result in the opportunity to earn good earnings and a secure future.

Speech-Language Therapist

Median Salary: $79,120

Education Required: Master’s degree

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, speech-language pathologists can expect to experience an increase of 25% in employment through 2029. The coronavirus isn’t likely to affect the need for these specialists. However, they may be required to alter how they’ve provided services over the last year. A majority of professionals work within the education services industry. If classes were in session, the speech-language therapy could have been delivered through telemedicine instead of in person.


Median Salary: $95,460

Education Required: Professional degree

While people stayed in their homes during the outbreak, many decided to include pets in their families. Adopting pets at shelters and rescues increased by 15% by 2020, as per data from the non-profit Shelter Animals Count. Animals will require regular, and emergency medical attention until the outbreak is over, and employment prospects are expected to be favourable for vets today and in the future.

IT Manager

Median Salary: $146,360

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

IT professionals can make high-paying salaries of six figures even with the requisite bachelor’s degree. And this is just one of the benefits of the career. It’s a field with a meagre unemployment rate and is expected to see strong growth, which makes this an ideal choice for those looking for a stable job. IT managers are usually accountable for overseeing a group of employees, recommending to increase efficiency and ensuring the company’s technology goals are achieved.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Median Salary: $58,790

Education Required: Associate degree

While seeing the U.S. population age and chronic illnesses increase, physical therapy assistants will be a job that will become in high demand in the coming years. According to the BLS, employment growth for this profession is projected to reach 33% between 2019 to 2030. Assistants in physical therapy work under the guidance of physical therapists to guide patients through exercises and learn how to use adaptive equipment.


Median Salary: $208,000

Education Required: Professional degree

Highly trained doctors and anesthesiologists provide local or general anaesthesia, which guarantees that patients do not feel discomfort while undergoing surgery and other surgical procedures. They are compensated well and have virtually no unemployment in the field. Even though it can be stressful, anesthesiologists enjoy one of the most secure careers.

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

Median Salary: $46,240

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Specific experts suggest that the social and psychological stress that the coronavirus causes can cause a surge of suicidal thoughts. Addiction and behavioural counsellors are at the forefront of helping people through these challenging times. Even though face-to-face counselling sessions weren’t available across the nation this year, these experts did not stop working. Instead, they spoke to clients via telemedicine portals and mental health hotlines when mandates from the government governed the in-person sessions.

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Occupational Therapist

Median Salary: $84,950

Education Required: Master’s degree

Occupational therapists are trained to help patients recover from illness or injuries, and they can also help disabled people. Through exercises or the introduction of adaptation equipment and techniques, the therapists aid people learn to complete activities essential to daily life. It was a field that experienced significant growth before the outbreak, and the work can be both professional and personally satisfying.

Family Therapists

Median Salary: $49,610

Education Required: Master’s degree

Being constantly together can lead to tensions in family relationships. Lawyers are predicting an increase in divorces due to stay-at-home orders. While they wait, couples could seek the help of counsellors for their families and marriage to resolve marital conflicts or resolve issues between their children. When it’s impossible to have a face-to-face session with therapists, sessions can be conducted through telemedicine or video conferencing platforms.

Physical Therapist

Median Salary: $89,440

Education Required: Doctoral degree

Several physical therapists were still making home visits to patients recovering from illness, surgery, or injury during the pandemic. Clinics were also operating and assisting those who needed rehabilitation. As the world returns to normal, professionals are expected to remain in high demand. The BLS estimates that the nation will create around 47,000 jobs in physical therapy from 2019-to 2029.

The Orthotist as well as the Prosthetist

Median Salary: $68,410

Education Required: Master’s degree

Orthotists and prosthetists assist people in improving their independence by developing and creating the fitting of patients wearing artificial limbs and aids like leg braces. This is a profession with a low rate of unemployment, low stress, and the ability to have a balanced work-life. They can also expect an increase of nearly 17% in employment between 2019 and 2029.

Mechanical Engineer

Median Salary: $88,430

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

There are not all jobs that are stable in the medical field. Mechanical engineers also have a job with low unemployment and excellent prospects for growth. Businesses across many sectors depend on these specialists to develop and design the latest technological advancements. Mechanical engineers can work in automotive research, robotics and alternative energy, among other fields of study.


Median Salary: $65,470

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Cartographers, or mapmakers, appear to be working in an old-fashioned way. But their work is high-tech. They can use a range of imaging tools to produce interactive, digital, and online maps. Cartographers will see steady demand as apps and websites increasingly incorporate mapping functions. This is not only one with low unemployment; and it also ranks low on stress levels and is high for work-life balance.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Median Salary: $74,320

Education Required: Associate degree

Many jobs pay well, but not all of them require completing a four-year program. Diagnostic medical sonographers earn higher than average earnings, and the typical education required in this field is an associate’s degree. They’re often referred to as ultrasound technicians. However, the work of ultrasound technicians isn’t restricted to the field of obstetrics. Apart from offering images of babies who aren’t born, they can also utilize medical equipment to make images of organs and other body components. The images are utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of medical ailments.


Median Salary: $35,510

Education Requirements: Postsecondary non-degree award

With low unemployment and excellent employment forecasts, Phlebotomists are another option for those who want secure jobs. This occupation isn’t for people who are scared of blood, however. Phlebotomists collect blood from patients to perform lab tests, and they are responsible for the maintenance of sterilized equipment and marking specimens to be analyzed. In addition to technical expertise, Phlebotomists should be able to enjoy working with people as their job involves relaxing and reassuring people who are terrified of needles.


Median Salary: $208,000

Education Required: Professional degree

To a certain degree, surgeons enjoy job security due to their training and specialized skills. Anyone can become a surgeon. Medical professionals spend years in medical school, and they complete their residency before being competent to perform surgical procedures that are invasive and designed to heal or treat patients with an impairment, illness or medical issue.


Median Salary: $70,340

Education Requirements: Doctorate

Chiropractors are medical specialists who are experts in treating the neuromusculoskeletal systems. They can analyze the patient’s posture and reflexes, adjust their spine and suggest exercises or lifestyle modifications to avoid future problems. Chiropractors are in high demand and enjoy an ideal work-life balance and good job prospects.

The most stable career options for 2021:

  • Physician Assistant.
  • Software Developer.
  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Physician.
  • Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • Veterinarian.
  • IT Manager.
  • A Physical Therapist.
  • Anesthesiologist.
  • Substance Abuse and Counselor for Behavioral Disorders.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Family Therapist and Family Therapist.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • The Orthotist as well as the Prosthetist.
  • Mechanical Engineer.
  • Cartographer.
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.
  • Phlebotomist.
  • Surgeon.
  • Chiropractor.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Animation Creator


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