21 Top Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms who make a decent salary

It’s not difficult to find the top jobs for stay-at-home mothers. Here are the 21 basic SAHM-related jobs that pay a high salary. These include remote positions and online jobs, as well as flexible part-time work. No prior experience is needed.

Mom’s work is never finished!

Moms have to balance a variety of tasks like cooking meals washing, cleaning home upkeep, organizing errands, parenting and so on. If things aren’t going well, you could have to search for an opportunity to work.

The last thing they would like is to travel to work over and above everything else.

We have come up with the following list of 21 positions that are perfect for stay-at-home moms. The great thing about these jobs is that they are simple to get started and require minimal expense. These jobs are legitimate and pay you in time.

Here are 21 of these jobs that are available to mothers all over the USA.

Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Freelance Writing

One of the most rewarding careers for a mom who stays at home begin is freelance writing. Moms, not only in America but all over the world, are able to be freelance writers who earn an excellent salary regularly.

There is no need to be an expert writer. You only require a basic understanding of your English language. It is possible to begin by creating simple articles or guest posts on different blogs and websites.

You get paid per word you write. At first, they pay $3-$5 per 100 words. However, in the future, they would be delighted to increase your rate.

You can search for beginning-level freelance writing positions on websites such as Flexjobs, Upwork, Total etc.

Fiverr Gigs

To be honest, I began my career as a freelancer with Fiverr gigs. Suppose you’re a professional with a specific talent such as editing, writing design, programming writing, fixing and so on. You can provide your services to customers on Fiverr.

You can earn between $5 to $100 from your customers to provide your services. There are many services you can provide on Fiverr.

Just pick any of them, set up your complete profile and then start. Fiverr is among many of the best-known platforms used by entrepreneurs across the USA.


Blogging has now become an option to work full-time for many white-collar professionals across the USA who work from 9 to 5. Home-based moms can blog in the comfort of their homes without substantial expense.

Find your passion and transform it into an online blog!

Suppose you’re a lover of hobbies such as dancing, cooking, music, traveling, tutoring or gardening, academics and more. Share your passions on your blog. You can look through these suggestions of top blogs for specific niches.

Later, you can make it monetizable using an advertising platform such as Google AdSense and earn income. You could make a fortune within a couple of years.


Dropshipping is relatively new in job opportunities online, yet it’s an extremely profitable business idea. You will sell items for various e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, Etsy, Target etc., to people online.

You don’t need to own an item or a storage facility to keep them. It’s simply a middleman between an eCommerce site and its customers.

For example, if you’re provider includes Amazon, and your customer makes an order through your site, You will instruct Amazon to deliver the products directly to the address provided by the customer.

You receive a commission for every product you sell.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is among the most popular online jobs. Both small and large companies are seeking digital marketers that can aid in the expansion of their business online.

As a digital marketing professional, you’ll be in charge of SEO as well as content marketing, email marketing, social media as well as other areas.

To become a successful digital marketer, you must have some kind of education in this area. You can learn through digital marketing courses on the internet.

There’s no shortage of digital marketing jobs after you’ve completed the program.

Social Media Jobs

The two most sought-after social media jobs are virtual assistant and social media manager.

Let’s talk about virtual assistants first. If you’ve got basic computer skills, such as MS Office accessing the internet or a computer, you could be the virtual assistant.

Your job is to assist clients by the organization and sorting of documents, responding to emails and scheduling meetings, among others.

It is possible to earn as little as $15 per hour as a brand newcomer.

Similar to a social media director is accountable for the management of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Moderators moderate comments by removing unwanted comments from the readers.

The average hourly wage is anywhere between $30 and $10 per hour.

Product Influencer/Brand Ambassador

As a brand influencer, you can influence online users through writing reviews for products, taking part in surveys and sharing your honest opinions.

It is possible to earn money while relaxing on your sofa or playing with your kids at your house. It is possible to earn as much as 500 dollars per week.

A brand ambassador works with a brand in order to advertise its products and services via social media. They use their brand’s power in order to market items to followers.

A typical brand ambassador earns as much as $20 an hour.

Moms can serve as both influencers of products and brand ambassadors.

Selling Photos and Crafts

It is possible to use your skills in taking selfies to earn money online. You can create professional-looking photos using your smartphone and sell them on sites such as Shutterstock, Etsy, Fotomoto, Alamy, etc.

The most popular kinds of images include clothing, people and culture, buildings, cities and cities’ nature,

As a contributor, you could earn as much as 50% of every photo that you offer on the sites.

Similar to moms, moms can offer creative products such as hand-painted handicrafts, hand-painted paintings and other ornamental items on sites like Etsy, Amazon, etc.

Data Entry Jobs/Transcription

Data Entry-level jobs are ideal for mothers who are new to work-from-home opportunities.

The task is fairly easy, and you must convert images into word documents through typing. The speed you type should be at least 35 words per minute and with an accuracy of at least 99%.

Transcription positions are designed for experienced data entry specialists who are conversant with legal and medical jargon.

But, finding legitimate work that will pay frequently can be a difficult job.

Online Tutoring

Mothers who live in English-speaking countries such as USA, UK, and Canada are offered an outstanding possibility to impart English to students from all over the world. Employers are seeking teachers who can instruct ESL (English to be a Foreign Language) to their students.

As tutors, you instruct classes online through applications like Zoom as well as Skype. For each class (25 minutes in length), you earn between $20 and $25.

The online teaching profession could be a full-time job for many moms who stay home.

Graphic Designer

Designing jobs are ideal for moms who stay at home. If it’s graphic designing or interior design, women can be really good at both.

They will require technical knowledge and creativity to create concepts, graphic designs and layouts for graphic design.

There’s no shortage of possibilities for graphic designers with the right skills. A majority of these tasks are freelance work, and you could be able to charge as much as $40 per hour for your expertise.

Interior Designing

Similar to interior design, you will require more interpersonal skills than technical expertise to design interiors.

If you are a natural for decorating homes and you want to assist your clients in creating their ideal homes, you could be an interior design professional.

Interior designers who are freelance get paid at a rate of $25 an hour here in the USA. To attract potential clients, I suggest that you make use of the influence of social networks.

HR Manager

I am aware that this job of HR (Human Resource) manager job isn’t going to suit every stay-at-home mommy. You will need some experience in the field prior to starting your career as an HR manager.

If you are an HR supervisor, you’ll help companies find the most qualified candidates to fill a specific job profile. You’ll match applicants with the skills required by the company.

You must allocate funds to attract new applicants through advertisements.

Intraday Trading

Intraday trading is only for women who have enough money in their account at the bank that will not be afraid to take on a little risk.

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, and you can sign up with a broker and then you can start trading from home. Every day, you purchase or sell stock.

To become successful in trading, it is essential to learn the trade before. I would recommend that you learn a few things prior to taking a leap.

Event Planning

Women are fantastic planners! They excel in multitasking and teamwork. As an event coordinator, you’ll be planning weddings, birthday and anniversary celebrations, as well as public events and even music events.

As an event planner, you’ll be in charge of the design and decoration of tables as well as managing guests lists, catering and the overall smooth operation of the occasion. It is also necessary to manage this with a budget.

Start by establishing relationships with vendors in the area and creating small events.

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Travel Agent

The process of starting a travel agency starting from scratch can be a daunting task, particularly for mothers. Instead of establishing your own company or establishing a business, you could be a virtual travel agent.

As a travel agent, you’ll assist customers in selecting travel destinations and booking accommodation, tickets, and other travel services.

In the beginning, you could make up to $30,000 per year.

Online Stylist

The online stylist job is a female-oriented job, particularly in the case of fashion-conscious women who enjoy styling other people. You create an appearance that is based on the photo of your client and body type, style and objectives.

It’s a virtual process! You can make their closets more attractive or create their outfit to be worn for any occasion.

For starters, they can earn as much as 20 dollars per hour.


Women looking for an easier job could opt for sewing. A seamstress must have a good grasp of the needle and fabric.

Customers will provide you with the cloth, and you must modify, alter, repair or create the piece. It is possible to do this at home, but you’ll require equipment for sewing.


Daycare centers or child care can take care of children starting at two and a half years old. Of age. At first, you could begin the job from the comfort of your home; however, later on, you can lease a large home for expansion.

In addition to a large room, it is also possible to purchase furniture and toys.


Baking is an inspiring career for women, specifically home wives. Suppose you are able to bake items such as buns, bread and rolls, cakes, muffins, cookies or pastries and more. You can begin your own bakery business at home.

The initial investment is affordable; you’ll require equipment such as an oven, food processor, mixers, baking pans, dough proofer, and so on.

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Flip items from Flea Markets

Women are enthralled by buying things at flea markets. Don’t they?

You purchase products at a lower price at flea markets, and later you sell the same items on the internet for a greater price.

You could easily earn as much as $3000 per month by flipping various things.

There were 21 jobs available for moms who stay home with their children in the USA as well as in other English-speaking countries.

Certain jobs listed in the list are difficult and require a lot of brainpower, while others are relatively easy to start with.


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