A look into how cold chains make modern commerce possible

Running an efficient logistics chain can be a challenging proposition, even more so if it is related to cold chains and cold storages. Even building the storage facilities requires a high degree of expertise and can be daunting. Here, we will explore some of the components that comprise the infrastructure of any cold storage system and their characteristics.

Keeping them cold

The equipment that forms the backbone of the cool storage logistics chain is an extensive lot. Let us learn about some of those components here.

  • Coolrooms- These are specially designed rooms that are temperature and humidity-controlled. These can be used to store perishable and temperature-sensitive commodities like food items, meat, flowers, certain vaccines, etc. These rooms can range in size all the way from small coolrooms all the way to massive warehouses. There are various construction methods available in the market, like concrete assemblies, and one can also find pre-fabricated coolroom kits for sale from a lot of manufacturers. Most coolrooms, big or small, work on the same principle which is pretty similar to a refrigerator unit. These can operate in a range of temperatures of -2 degrees celsius to 10 degrees celsius. These are perfect for storing fresh foods. For anyone looking for even colder temperatures, a freezer should be preferred.

The various components that come with DIY coolroom kits for sale are

  • Freezer panels
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Roof
  • Riveting
  • Seals

 These kits can be assembled easily by anyone by thoroughly following the instruction manuals. The various advantages of a coolroom are

  • These are extremely energy efficient and by a virtue of their superlative insulation capabilities, they are a perfect storage option for something like vegetables, etc that are perishable. The temperature fluctuations are greatly reduced in their cases.
  • A coolroom is extremely reliable, something that ensures that you can run your operations efficiently, upkeep your reputation, and maintain high margins.
  • These are virtually weatherproof, thus ensuring that you do not have to worry about bad weather situations.

These are just some of the benefits of a coolroom. We highly suggest you do your research before getting one for your business. A quick internet search regarding coolroom kits for sale is sure to yield a lot of good results.

  • Refrigerated trucks and vans- Once you have stored the perishable items in your warehouses and coolrooms, you also need to transport the said commodity to the sellers and other vendors. Some commodities might even be needed to be transported over extremely high distances. This is where refrigerated trucks and vans come in. These trucks are built on regular truck chassis and come with powerful cooling units and insulated wall panels. These trucks ensure that you do not have to worry about losing your goods during transit and can deliver the goods at a rapid pace as well. For intracity deliveries, one can also use small vans with insulated wall panels as well. Nowadays, there are insulated railway wagons that can transport these goods over extremely long distances quickly, and safely.
  • Freezers- For goods that require storage at extremely low temperatures, freezers are the way to go. If you are looking to use this for commercial operations, getting an industrial-grade freezer is the best option. They come in various configurations and are really powerful as well. Let us take a look at the various advantages of these cool machines.
  • Industrial grade freezers are energy efficient and their massive scales offer considerable energy savings over domestic ones.
  • They are portable since most of them come equipped with wheels making them easy to move around.
  • They are extremely customizable and come in a wide range of varieties, like chest freezers, under-counter freezers, display freezers, etc. This ensures that you can easily find one that perfectly suits your needs and also customize them extensively for your specific needs.
  • The cold storage warehouses- Now, we get to the big guns of the cold storage chain industry. These warehouses are truly massive with humongous storage areas and an entire town’s worth of residents working inside them. They employ huge coolers and can be used to store anything from vegetables to meats, and other perishable goods. They use insulated wall panels inside their concrete exteriors and are extremely energy efficient.

Nowadays, there are massive corporations running these businesses and using their services at the same time. They have grown to become a real cornerstone for the cold chain industry and the entire logistical supply chain of allied goods cannot function without them.

Final take:

The logistics of perishable goods have been forever transformed by the introduction of the cold chain supply lines. With daily innovations in this field and with the advent of modern technologies like DIY coolroom kits for sale, the industry is truly booming and influencing our lives in more ways than we realize.


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