How Much Will a Business Administration Degree Get You? A Salary Guide For Various Job Types

Business and administration is an area that has been greatly influenced by technology, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for people with degrees in this field to find work. This article explores trends in the job market, salary information for various job roles, how much a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree will get you, and more.

DBA Programs & Degrees In the field of business administration, only a few programs generally lead to the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree. Some of these may be combined with an MBA program. Others offer both a DBA and MBA degree, in different combinations. All tend to focus on dealing with corporate operations, working within a company or organization as a business architect rather than strictly in operations or marketing. Students who successfully complete such programs can use their degrees to get a job in a role like management, finance, marketing, and other roles within the company. This degree typically involves 5-8 years of those programs spread out over 3-4 years or so, depending on if there are any breaks between modules to enable you to secure employment before graduation or if they demand that you do the full length course while working full time. These programs cover several areas of study usually related to business administration as well as getting your specialist knowledge but don’t always result in a career in the company itself. Other programs on this kind of track include Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Q: I also have some pretty good qualifications but my old job is being phased out… I’ve been putting them on for years with no job offers. Is an engineering degree worth it?

A: Your current diploma does not have any value in a UK high street shop – find a new job first! However, if you apply

Introduction to Business Administration Degrees

When gathering information about different occupations, the salary for each can be surprisingly hard to find. Salaries are often based on location, experience, and other factors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps an online database with listing varying salaries across different sectors of different jobs around the world. This site is helpful when learning how much one will earn with a given degree at different careers.

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MBA Salaries | International Diploma Salary [MD/MS or Certificate]

Schools define economics of an academic degree and ranking and many small independent company.

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PhD Salaries | Highest Paid Jobs in the World

One of the fastest growing degrees has become a “desired value” and one that employers are consistently rewarding. Business management is booming, and degree requirements are being simplified at an alarming rate. Because many people will be studying business administration programs in the coming years and because universities have increased course options, students may chose teaching, accounting, and more as one of their career options.

Family Managers [The Best Doctor of Business Administration]

Family managers are some of the top earners on the business, able to draw a premium on their skills. To pull in these high paying jobs, DOs should take certification courses available in pharmacy chains or even open private practices. They should also listen from friends and family as many companies who highly value work ethic before anything else will pay higher wages to those who have children at home so that they are not running out of time at work.

Dentist: Best Doctor of Business Administration Salary for a Career Change

One staple career is that of a dentist. A Business Administration degree will allow one to pursue a career as a dentist. The median age for dentists was 60 years old in 2016 and the work hours for many dentists are upwards of seventy hours per week. What does this mean? It means that you can make an average salary of $200,000 a year with dentistry degrees. If a rapid income is what you’re looking for, the title of dentist might not be all that high on your list. However, there are many perks to being a dentist. First of all, nearly everyone who takes the course has a chance at an accompanying residency program in dentistry. This provides an actual stipend and guaranteed hours during the work year of around seventy to eighty hours per week. Although while they are undergoing their training on becoming a dentist, this may not take control of the schedule. A title such as dentist may be difficult to achieve while they are still training.

In 2014, the average salary for permanent-permanent paste is $25,000-$28,000. There is a lot more detail in those departments if you decide to check them out further. That was the mean earnings per province in the year 2014 and it was $12K over that plastic surgery/surgery than either solution actuallly owes per hour committed spend on it.

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Veterinarian: Best Doctor of Business Administration Salary for a Career Change

With average coursework requirements and desirable job opportunities, a Business Administration degree can change the career path of most people. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the projected demand for doctors of business administration will be 15% higher than the supply rate by 2024. A salary guide was created to highlight different jobs with an income level to demonstrate the worth of obtaining this degree. Of these 15 jobs, Veterinarians are currently earning $133,840 with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Doctor of Business Administration Program Application Requirements Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Personal finance coursework to demonstrate strong managerial skills and business knowledge.

Salary: $133,840 a year (2018) Medical Doctor Job Listings As the economy improves, many hospitals and other medical facilities are beginning to hire additional nursing staff. Whether you have experience in health care services, or are a recent nursing school graduate, this may be the right time to advance your career path . Healthcare jobs such as Registered Nurses, LPN’s, LVN’s and related medical technicians provide over 15 million jobs in the USA alone, and ten of the 20 fastest growing occupations are healthcare-related. Finding out about Wilmington College GED classes, on the other hand, may broaden your education in order to appeal to a wider variety of employers. The Department of Commerce offers salary data though the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Hiring managers typically post available positions on targeted job boards, which are sampled daily. Mount Vernon Nazarene University investment options information may be available through the human resources department. Further, the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers salary data though the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Aside from a good salary, many medical education programs include excellent employment benefits, as well as payment plans. Browse current job openings at or Monster online.

Accounting Manager: Best Doctor of Business Administration Salary for a Career Change

While many undergraduate degrees provide young students with the skills they need to pursue work in an ever-changing field, a business administration degree provides even more. Specifically, the college degree prepares students for professional careers elsewhere than just working in an office. This is why there are many opportunities in related fields such as finance, project management, and law that can be open to students who graduate from a business administration program.


Business Administration degrees are thought to be a viable option for those who plan on obtaining a job, as they are usually offered at many schools that lead to careers in the corporate world. They emphasize structure, policy, and economic issues.


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