How to start a furniture repair business?

how to start a furniture repair business

A furniture repair business could be the ideal route to go if you’re handy and have some room to store a few tools and a few unfinished projects. Furniture repair businesses can restore, repair, fix and refinish a variety of furniture by saving themselves and their customers from purchasing extensively new furniture. Furniture repairing is the same as refinishing furniture business.

And furniture repairing businesses need to build relationships with their competitors, with some proprietors of antique shops, furniture repair business brokers, real estate agents, furniture suppliers, and some furniture repair business associations.

One of the amazing features of the furniture repairing business is one can start it on a personal level,  furniture repairing business at home as a part-time, or side hustle that can save extensively money and can save other expenses. like renting a workshop.

Future of furniture repair business

With the growth, the economy is recovering through covid 19 pandemic. Overall the furniture market tends to be stagnant, and demand for furniture is quite stagnant, as the situation and conditions improve,  people will start spending more and more on furniture pieces.

And with the awareness people will start spending on getting furniture repaired done than buying a new set of furniture, which seems to be costly, not environment friendly, and so much more. The furniture repairing businesses is coming fore back front as the demand and supplies take place.

Pros of furniture repair business

There are some pros of having a furniture repair business :

  • You can save a lot of money by working from your own space.
  • You can Extend the life of a current piece of furniture by repairing it or by using some essential oils: tung oil, linseed oil, danish oil, and teak oil.
  • You can help to protect your environment by using old furniture by repairing them 
  • Make a living using your practical talents.
  • By preserving a unique and special object


How furniture repair businesses can impact your environment?

Climate change is the new ought to be prioritized which be addressed by All businesses. Climate change is the extraction,  that damages the environment. and The greatest course of action for minimizing your environmental effect is to restore and repair outdated equipment so that it may be put to new use.

Consider having a product fixed, if it becomes defective or outdated. After being fixed or repaired, the item can be used once again without needing to be replaced. This not only helps you save money but also has a longer-term positive effect on the environment.

People frequently throw away defective things because they believe they are no longer useful. Even when the whole thing is broken, you might be able to repair certain components. Once fixed, this might provide items and parts a second chance at life because they can be utilized again.

And it is simpler and less work to buy fresh, many businesses tend to lean further towards doing so. You don’t have to put in any work at all to get your things fixed, and the procedure is extremely simple.

Requirements  to start a furniture repairing  business

You need to have prior furniture repairing experience, and along with that must know how to build a piece of furniture, and the art of creating a masterpiece out of a broken and antique piece. 

And if you are starting your business home based. Then you need a zoning variance(a kind of permission) that is given to the construction-based business., or those who needed vacant land to build a structure on. As it involves, smoke, smell, gasoline, and noises and for that, you might not be able to work or operate nearby your residential area.

Need to check up on the nearby competitors, and furniture repair companies near me. you can check their strategies, segmentation, demographics, their target market, their market need, their potential customers, etc by combining up with furniture repair business brokers or through domestic websites related to the furniture repair business.

How much does it take to start a furniture repair business?

Expect to invest initially 2,50,000 in inventories, supplies, tools, equipment, and workforce to 7,50,000 for extensive and new equipment as technology also varies from time to time.

Step-by-step guide to starting a furniture repair business

  • The full-fledged furniture repair business  plan:

A business plan is the first essential step to get started with any kind of business, especially a furniture repair business, you need an administrative idea to being started a business journey from paperwork to practical work. Need to look upon the vision, mission, objective, and goal of being started a business. All should be written and planned at first sight.

  • Land and location:

Land and selection of location for the business is the most difficult part and especially for a furniture repair business you need space in large quantity for equipment, for inventory,  another factor would be it should be convenient for the customers as well for yourself.

But there is leniency in starting the business from your own space that is home.

  • License key and permits:

The importance of being started with any business is you need to have a particular license key along with the permit to start a whole new business for furniture repair business you need to have (business registration with mca, trade license, warehouse license, shops and establishment license, import export license(in case you import or export inventories)) 

  • Funding:

To start a business, to brainstorm a business idea, or to get started a business is a whole different thing to being financially independent or being funded by investors, or starting as a bootstrap. The fund is the blood of any business. And you need at least to invest 30-40% of your credits.

  • Equipment:

The furniture repair business required a heavy amount of equipment and this is the biggest investment in the business as it required the following tools:

Wood planner, wood hack saw, hand drill machine, hand cutting machine, buffing machine, belt sander

  • Inventories:

Inventories are called raw materials and goods. And to start with the furniture business you need raw materials to get started with it.

Wood, wood preservative, ply, primer, paint, glass,sunmai, adhesive, 

  • Accountancy:

Paperwork is always good and necessary for any business for long-term flow or success, it will make a professional look of bookkeeping, and it helps in keeping the business out of any problem with government taxation laws. It also regulates the profits, expenses, cash flows, assets, and liabilities of the business.

  • Social presence:

To market a furniture repair business, one should follow some ethical practices like marketing through advertisements, newspaper advertisements, and social media advertisements: through social posts, google ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest, Facebook, shoutouts, and Instagram.

Marketing your repair business

Marketing is the key factor to run any business or scaling a business to the next level. You can show your before and after. To make it more prominent with the results.

You can come up with some marketing strategies 

  • Sponsorships
  • Managing false publicity
  • Online advertisements
  • Build website 
  • Social media ads
  • Run some discounts 
  • Tie up with furniture repair business brokers
  • Build relationships with the local vendors 
  • Build customer satisfaction through word of mouth.
  • And repeat everything.


This business can solve human problems, as well as environmental problems. The furniture repair business is such a cost-effective business and a way to bring beautiful art out of a destructive piece of furniture. The future is leading towards the revamping, repairing, refinishing, and restoring of old furniture.

The future and a revolution are yet to come with the time. And the new era is all about recreating and redesigning old pieces in a creative and beautiful way….


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