Know How To Get In On Our Hiring Revolution – The Fresher Package By Zoho

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What is Zoho?

Zoho is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It offers various features such as email marketing, contact center, social media management, and dispatch management. The company has won accolades for being one of the earliest adopters of ReactJS, which is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Zoho was founded in 2007 by Puneet Ahluwalia, Shashank Nanda, graduates of IIT Kanpur, and Nikhil Jaisinghani. What are the product’s functions?

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing solution. It has features such as marketing automation, integrated email, social media management, activity from the entire business to end users, large set of integrations to connect with all systems in the ERP. Though it does not handle enterprise resource planning (ERP), you can integrate other backend software for this. Use cases for getting comprehensive information will solve the problems you experience. It can help you differentiate you for your potential or existing customers…. Acuity Cards Ecosystem Simple and convenient personal authentication method alongside other security features. We are in love with the card, as our Zoho Pulse user has helped us shoot an interview with one of its makers. Zoho + Acuity Card = An Identity Just A Button Press AwayThe best thing is that you can use a smartcard to make business transactions by touch only. While the card is uniquely associated with an individual, you can use multiple cards for identification and make use of the different security codes from those cards but you should know that the information… Scorecarding Software Acuity Cards System License Management Scoring Configuration Audits Reporting Ranking Optimization is another hot topic in data analytics. One thing that you could do to optimize your score carding software is to make sure that users are not confused. Confusion with confusing users will never be beneficial as it can be catastrophic to your business.

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The Story of Zoho

Zoho is a decade-old business software company that offers a range of solutions from transactional and CRM to collaboration and file sharing. In an age when startups are vying for talent, Zoho is making waves with its fresher package. The fresher package helps new hires get up and running quickly, minimizes onboarding time, and provides on-the-job training.

With the fresher package, we’re able to bring on talented individuals who want to join a startup,” says Puneet Garg, Vice President – People at Zoho. “We’re able to provide them with all the essentials they need right away so that they can focus on their work.

The fresher package also takes into account the changing needs of the workforce. “Nowadays, people are working more from home,” Garg says. “So we’ve made sure to include features like remote filesystem access and real-time collaboration tools so that our employees can work from anywhere.

Zoho’s fresher package is one example of how startups are seeking to attract and retain top talent. “As a startup, you need to do whatever you can to attract and retain people,” Hinjil, CEO of Voltaic Labs says. “And we provide the tools that appeal to young employees who want to live in the city and an ability to work from home whenever they want to.” illustrates how startups are leveraging tech in a bid’t attract and retain talent byintegrating nine different communications tools through a single platform.”Our latest funding round, with participation from SAP Ventures, is providing the resources to build more office tech products, benefiting our customers and employees alike,” says, who is the company’s CEO.Voltonico an on-demand delivery platform that provides customers with the integrated application for support and management of all the technology services”We believe our access to business intelligence could increase productivity by allowing us to deliver exactly what our customers need at a specific moment in time, rather than guess what they want or deliver everything but when they no longer need it,” Koropishevich (right), CEO & Co-Founder.The company will provide all kinds of technologies tailored to provide remote, secure access to required data in a business environment.Cloud Medical is leading the company’s development and the porting of Koropishevich’s proprietary technology into the Serva platform.”Serva was built to automate manual and inefficient processes that hold back our world-leading consolidation and logistics teams and really allows us to work smarter,” says Yuriy Milenin, Director of IT Science & Development. “By connecting all location data from suppliers, customers and field representatives, Serva provides crucial business intelligence to improve asset management and help entities manage dwindling workforce by managing time more effectively and contributing to better results.”The application lets companies monitor their employees’ productivity across borders on the basis of location information that is available manually or with the help of GPS devices. The addition of GPS information enhances this technology by interconverting the remote data with traditional business intelligence platforms connected to the Internet.

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Zoho India’s Success

Zoho is one of the most popular, yet relatively new and upcoming business software companies in India. Started by two IIT graduates Sanjay Reddy and Rohit Shetty in 2004, Zoho today employs over 2,500 people in 24 countries across six continents! They offer a suite of products that help businesses process information, work smarter and collaborate more easily – all at an affordable price point. And as they grow, so do their hiring opportunities!

In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of how to get started with Zoho and apply for jobs. We’ll also tell you about the Fresher Package, which offers great benefits and opportunities for new hires. So if you’re looking to make a great impact in your career – and love working with technology – then read on!

How To Get Started With Zoho: A Quick Overview

Zoho was formed in 2004 by two IIT graduates Sanjay Reddy (left) and Rohit Shetty (right). Today they employ over 2000 people across 24 countries, spreading their innovative business software to help small businesses to work smarter and collaborate better.
The key to success for Zoho is their affordability relative to their capabilities. It gives you access to lots of Zoho applications, including Zoho Projects, DocStoc, Tasks (Tasks), Business Connectivity Services and the amazing Email Desktop Accounting suite.

There are two versions of ZOHO – Starter and Corporate; so any opportunities will relate to the relevant edition required for you as an applicant.

VISUALLY: This is probably the best area for video applicants; though remember these are open calls across all teams – not specific to software or games only. Ensure you have the right profile, in your online portfolio and CV – but don’t overdo the videos either: three good quality clips maybe great, more then that is simply too much. It’s also worth taking a look at this video board to see some of the features used to sucessfully apply for various jobs across the UK .

INTERMEDIATE YOUR APPLICATION CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY IN ALL ITS DETAILIn almost all the companies I’ve applied I have found that the application forms are STRICTLY for paper applications – and there’s no substitute for reading all relevant documents thoroughly, in an ARBITRARY ORDER . When applying as a junior, you might find it better to include all related papers (CV and cover letter), from your school, college or university first – and later return to the University of Wales ResearchCV.


If you’re looking for a job in the modern digital age, you need to know how to get in on our hiring revolution. Zoho has created a Fresher Package that will help you stand out from the competition and get your resume seen by top employers. We want you to be part of our team, so apply today!


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