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A safe work environment can give you peace of head and help you focus more on achieving high-level goals. Although most companies have safety policies in place, certain professions, such as manual labour, can be considered more dangerous than others due to the physical risk that employees assume. There are many rewarding jobs available if you are looking for a job that promises safety. This article will explain what a safe job looks like and the benefits that you can get from it, as well as 17 other safe careers, to look at.

What is a secure job?

A job that is considered safe for employees is one in which they are protected against potential harm. Safe jobs are typically defined in comparison to their counterparts–dangerous jobs that pose some sort of risk to employee health or wellbeing. The safety of a job is usually assessed by factors such as the work environment and daily responsibilities.

Many jobs, such as those that require employees to lift heavy machinery or exert themselves physically, are considered more hazardous than those that don’t. Because of the high level of physical exertion, constant travel, hazardous material handling, and work with machinery and tools, accidents can occur at work, and injuries can be caused.

Workplaces that have high safety standards are less physically demanding than those that require minimal effort and pose a lower risk for injuries from workplace hazards. Safer jobs are often located in safe places, such as offices that aren’t open to the public. Although there are no guarantees that these positions will be completely secure for employees, they do tend to pose a lower risk overall for employee wellness.

The benefits of working in a secure job

Working in a safe environment has many benefits. You will experience different benefits depending on your role, the environment in which you work, and the tasks that you are responsible for each day. These benefits can be expected regardless of the circumstances.

Your overall safety: This is the most important benefit of a safe job. You will be less likely to get hurt or suffer from work-related illnesses if you have a safe job. Although accidents do happen, most jobs that are safer will provide some protection against physical harm.

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Better mental wellbeing: You’ll be able to enjoy better mental health if you don’t constantly have to worry about safety or do rigorous safety checks at work. It can be difficult to stress about the safety of your workplace. You’ll be able to feel these anxieties absent if you have a safe job.

No physical exertion required: Safe jobs require little to no physical exertion. Employees are most likely to work safely at their desks or in sedentary jobs. This means that your job will not be associated with chronic pain or illness.

Fewer travel requests: The higher risk of injuries in transport is why travel, although common in many occupations, is often viewed as a threat. In most cases, safer jobs require less travel overall. This can make it a great benefit to have a job that isn’t too demanding or if you aren’t a fan of travelling.

Safe jobs offer greater energy levels and less physical exertion. You can be more productive at work while still maintaining your hobbies and exercising.

Safe jobs to consider as your next career move.

Safety levels of jobs depend on the environment they work in and what their duties are. Safe jobs were once rare, but with remote work opportunities and advances in technology, there are many safe career options available for candidates. Many roles are known for their safety-consciousness. These are 17 safe careers to consider when you’re looking for your next job.


Average national Salary: $13.41 an hour

Primary duties: Telemarketers cold call people to ask for donations or sell products, depending on which organization they work for. Telemarketers typically use scripts to give information to their customers about the organization, the products they sell, and pricing. Telemarketers may also respond to customers’ calls and try to sell.


Average national Salary: $19.99 an hour

Primary tasks: Interpreters translate verbal communication between languages in real-time. They are crucial in helping to facilitate conversations when language barriers exist. An interpreter can translate Spanish from one language to another. Although they can be employed in many areas, interpreters are often found in education, legal and healthcare.


Average national salary: $48,455 annually

Primary tasks: Paralegals offer administrative support to lawyers or other legal professionals. They assist lawyers by providing basic supervision, including the organization of files, the maintenance of office procedures, calling witnesses, and drafting documents. Sometimes paralegals are also responsible for conducting research on particular legal cases.


Average national salary: $48,529/year

Primary duties: Nutritionists consult clients and create food plans to promote health, manage illness, and prevent future complications. They are experts in determining which nutritional system is best for their clients based on their age, activity level, religion, and other factors. They can work alongside doctors or in nutrition clinics.


Average national salary: $54,197/year

Primary duties. Accountants are responsible for overseeing tax and business accounts. Accountants may prepare financial statements and tax returns, manage payroll, oversee financial activity, control spending, audit financial reports, and perform other related tasks. Accounting professionals are employed by almost all organizations and businesses. They work in many industries and environments.

Executive assistant

Average national salary: $55,266/year

Primary duties. Executive assistants plan meetings, coordinate workplace activities, manage calendars and make travel arrangements. They also correspond with managers about specific needs. They usually work under the direction of an executive team member. Executive assistants can work in many different industries and may have different duties depending on their industry.

Content manager

$59,000.25 per annum

The primary duties of Content managers include the management of content creation, maintenance and implementation. They work in the digital world, sharing content, increasing brand awareness, and optimizing engagement metrics. Sometimes, content managers might oversee a team that includes writers and editors to create the content they manage. The content manager may also be responsible for updating the content as necessary.


Average national Salary: $59 122 per annum

Primary Duties Librarians catalogue books, films, audio files, and magazines in their organizational systems. These librarians are responsible for locating and lending library resources. Librarians can also curate material based on current events, book releases, or other events. Librarians are often educators through media and work in schools, universities or museums.

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Average national salary: $65,469 per annum

Primary duties: The primary responsibility of copywriters is to create a clear, error-free copy. Copywriters create text that is tailored to the client’s requirements and follows their instructions to promote products or services. Copywriters are often involved in the creation of marketing materials, such as social media posts, blogs and brochures.

Senior medical coder

Average national Salary: 31.64 an hour

Primary duties. Medical coders are healthcare professionals who translate medical treatment documents into alphanumeric codes. These codes are used to create a standard internal organization for such documents. These coders are often referred to as medical coders by insurance specialists, who then use them to file claims.


Average national salary: $65,913 annually

Primary duties: The primary responsibility of an archiver is to create efficient systems for cataloguing special materials such as newspapers, historical books, and photos. These specialists are skilled in the preservation of such items, and they facilitate visitors and researchers handling them. Archivists can work in museums, universities, research institutes, and other institutions that collect materials.

Human resources manager

Average national Salary: $69 644 per annum

Primary duties. Human resource (HR) managers assist organizations in developing and training personnel. They coordinate recruitment processes, interview candidates for jobs, hire new employees and manage compensation. HR managers can also manage benefits enrollment depending on the organization they work for. Further, HR managers are often responsible for enforcing company policies and finding solutions to workplace problems.

Technical writer

Average national Salary: $33.61 an hour

Primary duties. Technical writers convert technical documents such as journal articles or instructions manuals into readable and understandable copies for the average consumer. They are responsible for making technical information understandable. Technical writers are often responsible for creating, reviewing, revising, and maintaining technical documents that help users understand product functionality and information.

Web developer

Average national Salary: 75,828 per annum

Primary duties: Website developers are tech professionals who design, code and maintain websites. They might specialize in web design or maximizing a website’s functionality. Web developers are generally focused on creating beautiful websites that users can navigate easily. Web developers often work closely with clients to create websites that meet their needs.

Systems analyst

Average national salary: $78,806 annually

Primary duties: System analysts are information technology professionals who design, plan and implement systems that meet the specific needs of an organization or business. To maximize the performance of software and hardware, they perform system analysis. Systems analysts then update and optimize systems’ productivity.


Average national salary: $98,292 annually

Primary duties. Statistics are math professionals who collect numerical data for analysis. Statisticians are often able to solve tangible problems in areas such as government, healthcare, psychology, and business. Statisticians often identify trends and patterns in data to help them make conclusions about specific social needs. These findings may be used to justify or propose new methods or to explain unjustified information.


Average national Salary: $114.677 per annum

Primary duties: actuaries use statistics, mathematics and financial analysis to determine financial risks and uncertainties. They can work in many environments and assess the risk associated with specific actions or events. Actuaries are typically employed in the insurance industry but may also work as consultants in other industries. Actuaries often work with clients and businesses to create financial and organizational policies that can reduce the risk of losses.

The administrator of the database

Median Salary : $81,710

Unemployment rate: 1%

Expected job openings 13,400

DBAs create databases that are tailored to the company’s requirements and make sure they work efficiently and securely.

Officer of the police

Median Salary : $58,320

Unemployment rate: 1%

Expected job openings 34,200

Patrol officers are responsible for protecting people and property. They monitor the local area, write reports, and respond to any incidents.


Median Salary : $111,110

Rate of unemployment: 0.8%

Expected job openings 700

Mathematicians analyze results and crunch numbers while working in many math-related roles, including research and teaching.


Median Salary : $97,070

Unemployment rate: 0.8%

Expected job openings 4,400

These experts in numbers analyze and measure the financial consequences of risks.

Engineer in the environment

Median Salary : $84,560

Unemployment rate: 0.8%

Expected job openings 6,800

Engineers use their education to solve environmental problems such as recycling, waste disposal and pollution.


Median Salary : $64,440

Unemployment rate: 0.8%

Expected job openings 7,900

These health workers treat patients suffering from problems related to their musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, ligaments and muscles, as well as nerves and tendons.


Median Salary : $80,110

Unemployment rate: 0.8%

Expected job openings 10,100

Statisticians collaborate with companies, engineers, and health care organizations to use data to make informed decisions.

Midwife nurse

Median Salary : $92,510

Unemployment rate: 0.7%

Expected job openings 1,300

They coordinate and diagnose the birthing process for patients. Clients may also be offered gynaecological checks.

Nurse anaesthetist

Median Salary : $157,140

Unemployment rate: 0.7%

Expected job openings 7,400

Registered nurses are trained in anesthesiology, which is the administration of drugs to reduce pain during procedures.

Nurse practitioner

Median Salary : $98,190

Unemployment rate: 0.7%

Job openings expected: 44,700

A nurse practitioner can treat patients for many issues and conditions and may be able to work independently of a doctor.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Median Salary : >$187,199

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 1,200

These doctors perform surgery on the jaw, mouth, or face.

Assistance with occupational therapy

Median Salary : $27,800

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 2,700

They assist occupational therapists with administrative tasks, cleaning, and other tasks.


Median Salary : $170,300

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Job openings expected: 3,600

Paediatricians treat children and babies.

Gynaecologist and obstetrician

Median Salary : >$187,199

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 4,300

OB-GYNs are specialists in women’s reproductive health and manage everything from contraception through to childbirth.

Marriage and family therapist

Median Salary : $48,600

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 5,000

These professionals can diagnose and treat emotional and mental conditions that are related to marital or family relationships.


Median Salary : >$187,199

Rate of unemployment: 0.6%

Job openings expected: 5,100

These highly qualified professionals can diagnose, treat and monitor a wide range of health conditions.


Median Salary : >$187,199

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 9,100

Scalpel, please. To treat injuries and diseases, surgeons can operate on patients.

Computer network architect

Median Salary – $100,000.

Unemployment Rate0.6%

Job Openings Expected:12,000.

These professionals are skilled in the design, construction, and maintenance of data communication networks. This includes local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets.

Assistant in occupational therapy

Median Salary : $57,870

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 14,100

OTR may be required by patients to help manage long-term medical conditions or injuries such as strokes, accidents, and other traumas. These patients can be supported to live independently by OTAs, who help them with daily tasks like brushing their teeth or dressing.

Respiratory therapist

Median Salary : $57,790

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 14,900

These doctors provide treatment and care for patients suffering from heart and lung diseases, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and sleep apnea.

Physician assistant

Median Salary $98,180

Unemployment rate: 0.6%

Expected job openings 28,700

PAs work in collaboration with doctors and other health care professionals to provide treatment for patients.


Median Salary : $88,490

Unemployment rate: 0.4%

Expected job openings 6,900

These experts in animal health diagnose, treat, and research medical conditions that affect pets, livestock, or other animals.

Diagnostic medical sonographer

Median Salary : $68,970

Unemployment rate: 0.4%

Job openings expected: 16,000

Sonography equipment is used by health care professionals to capture images to diagnose a variety of medical conditions, including imaging tumours and finding out the gender.


Median Salary : $119,740

Rate of unemployment: 0.1%

Expected job openings 100

Prosthodontists are specialists in the restoration and replacement of teeth to improve function as well as appearance.


Median Salary : >$187,199

Unemployment rate: 0.1%

Expected job openings 1,500

Anyone who has had braces for a while can speak up about orthodontists. These professionals align bites and straighten teeth.


Median Salary : $152,700

Unemployment rate: 0.1%

Job openings expected: 23,300

Open wide. These professionals can diagnose and treat problems with the gums and teeth.


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