Most Common Interview Question: How to Answer the Question “Why Would You Like to Resign from Your Current Job?” (With Sample Answers)

“Why you would like to quit your current position?” is a commonly asked question during job interviews. Interviewers will ask this question to understand why you are departing from your current employer and determine what you value when you are applying for a job. This also provides the employer with an idea of your professional character, whether you might leave within six months after joining or whether you agree with the vision of the business and will remain with them through difficult times.

In this post, we’ll examine why employers ask this question. We will look at ways to respond to the question “Why would you like to quit your job?” along with some samples of responses.

The motives for recruiters to ask, “Why do you wish to leave your job?”

Interviewers will ask this question to understand why you are moving on from your current employer. They also want to know the things that matter to you as a worker. They will want to ensure that you have left or have left your current job with a valid reason and that you’re not just unemployed and constantly switching jobs to receive pay raises and is most likely to leave within some months.

Beyond that, the way you respond to this question can give the interviewer a glimpse into your professional behavior and whether you’re taking an eagle-eyed risk or you are in line with the business’s mission. You will be a loyal employee in times of hardship. While the reason you’re considering changing your job may be legitimate but how you answer this question and articulate the reason will decide your fate during the interview.

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Strategies for answering the question “Why would you like to quit your current job?”

Here are some strategies you can use to address this question professionally:

Be honest and authentic.

It is crucial, to be honest when answering this question. When interviewers ask you the question, they’re trying to know what you are looking for in a work environment and the potential reasons why you might be able to leave your job. If you provide a sincere answer to this question, the chances are that recruiters will be able to determine accurately if you’re the perfect person for their workplace culture.

If recruiters believe you to be suitable for the job, then the chances are that you’ll be offered the job and have an extensive and rewarding relationship with the company. But, if it doesn’t, and you are not selected, you’ll have an opportunity to apply for other suitable jobs in line with your character.

Make sure you keep your response positive.

While it is essential to answer the question sincerely, you should also ensure that your attitude is positive. You should avoid issues like office politics or conflicts with your manager when answering this particular question. These are typically the faults of people and not the result of the entire organization.

There is a chance that you have faced complex individuals in your current job. However, using this as the reason for quitting your current job is not advised. You should speak good things to your former and present employers. The employers know that someone who has negative remarks about their organization once may do it again.

Sample responses to the question “Why would you like to quit your job?”

Here are some answers to the question, “Why do you wish to quit your position?”:

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You could claim you felt that your learning curve and your skills had slowed down, and you were eager to learn more. This indicates your commitment to developing and using new techniques.

Sample Answer:

“I have been with my current company for four years. I was privileged to be part of a fantastic team and have learned lots from them.

But, I feel like I’ve reached a saturating level of my education within this organization. I’d be interested in moving forward and getting deeper into my area’s intricate and complicated aspects.

I’ve recently discovered that you have employed some of the top people in the world in your organization, and I would like to have the chance to learn from them.”

  • To tackle new challenging situations.

You could declare that you would like to tackle new challenges, which motivates you to be more effective in your work. This shows that you’re committed to your career and you are committed to growing.

Sample Answer:

“I have gained many things from my current employer. However, I’d like to change jobs as I’m looking forward to taking on new challenges and roles to increase my abilities and knowledge.

I’ve heard and read lots about your business. I am convinced that it will provide an excellent chance for me to carry on the responsibilities associated with this position and learn from the company’s leaders.”

  • To move

It is possible that you need to move for personal reasons. You might, for instance, would like to return to your home city to visit your family or move because you’re getting married.

Sample Answer:

“I have been employed in Mumbai for close to five years. I am now seeking an opportunity that will allow me to return to my home town to be near my parents, as they require my attention.

My current employer is an excellent job. However, they don’t have an office in my town. So, I’m forced to search for an employment opportunity.

Your company has the perfect job for me, gives an excellent learning experience, and has a branch located in my home town. I’m sure I’ll be a valuable partner to your team.”

  • To reduce travel time.

It is possible to cut down on the amount of time you commute to work due to personal or medical reasons. Discuss how reducing your commute time could boost the productivity of your workplace.

Sample Answer:

“The company I currently work for is a fantastic job, and I could not be happier with it.

I’m looking for an opportunity to change my lifestyle due to the distance between my house and the office I am currently working is quite a distance and is taking effect upon my physical body.

However, the job description your company has to offer is fascinating and an excellent chance for me to gain experience and take on more responsibility. Additionally, since this office is located near my house, I’ll be able to focus more on my job.”

  • Your job involves a lot of travel, and you’d like to have a break breaks.

There are numerous jobs where you’re required to travel both within and out of the country. The frequent travel may be overwhelming, and you might decide to break from the routine.

It could also be because of personal reasons, such as being married, and you have to allow your family more time. In these instances, it’s a good idea to search for jobs that will enable you to be more mobile, and you could mention this in your response.

Example Answer 1.

“I enjoy traveling to meet new people, and my current job gives me the most enjoyable of both. However, I believe that it’s time to slow down.

I’ve been traveling in my job almost three or four days per week, and I haven’t had enough time with family. Therefore, I’d like to take it down by a few notches and manage my personal and professional lives.”

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Sample Answer 2.

“I am a recent father of one of my children, and with constant traveling, it’s becoming difficult to look after my wife and my child. Therefore, I’m looking for a chance that will allow me to spend quality time with the family.

The job opportunity provided by you fits me perfectly for my needs, and I am confident that I will be a fantastic member of the team.”

  • The agreement you signed with your current organization is scheduled to expire shortly.

If you work for an organization on a contract basis, you’ll want to look for a new position before your contract ends. One reason you could mention is that you’re looking for a permanent job.

Sample Answer:

“I am delighted with my time working for my current company. However, since it’s a contractual assignment, my time will come to an end shortly.

I’m searching for a permanent, secure position right now, and I think I am a qualified candidate for the job you’re providing.”


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